Create categories, dishes and choices & addon groups

Video tutorials for creating items in the restaurant menu.

Menu editor basics:

Choices & Addons basics:

Choices & Addons advanced settings:

Place PAYMENT info on Shopping Cart:

Custom Text Payment Information
Custom Text Payment Information

Changing menu pictures:

You may change or add an image of a category or item by hovering over the image field, and the change/add option will be revealed: 

Extra options for categories:

Hovering over a category will reveal extra Options, as well as a Delete and Edit buttons. Opening the options will allow the following actions:

Duplicate the category: will add a category with the same name and (copy) added to the name, at the end of the menu. This includes all the items, but without pictures

Hide from menu: will hide the respective category from the menu so that food clients cannot see it

Hide until…: will hide the category from the menu until a date chosen by the restaurant

Show only from: will allow the restaurant to select certain days of the week and hours when the category should be visible in the menu (e.g. for Breakfast or Lunch special menu)

Extra options for menu items:

In a similar manner, hovering over an item will reveal Options, Delete and Edit buttons. The options for items include all of the above actions plus some other:



More about toppings, choices and add-ons

Order of items in a choice or addon group:

After you create a list of choices in a group, their order may be changed by drag&drop. 

Duplicating a choice or addon group:

This might be needed if certain dishes in the menu have different sizes (e.g. small, medium or large pizza). In this case, the corresponding quantities for the addons or their price might be different.



Order of addon groups displayed in the menu:

The order in which the add-ons are shown in the menu is dictated by the order in which you drag them to an item or category. The rule is that on any given item:

  • first we show the add-ons specific to the dish size (in the order they were dragged/associated to that particular size)
  • then we list the add-ons specific to the dish for all sizes  (in the  order they were dragged/associated to that particular dish)
  • and last, the add-ons applicable to the entire category which includes that dish (in the order they were dragged/associated to that particular category)

Can choices & add-ons be included in promotions? 

When using a promotion based on items, please know that the templates are built to consider only categories, dishes or sizes of dishes. It is not possible to have a promotion running only for choices or addons. 

It is possible, however, if you have choices or addons associated to items included in a certain promotion, to decide if you extend the rules of the promotion to cover them as well, or you exclude them.




Half/half pizza

Our flexible menu builder allows scenarios such as half/half or custom pizza.

To create half/half pizza, first navigate to the restaurant admin panel, "Menu setup & receive orders" section, and then “Menu setup”.

Create an addon group called: "First half toppings" or some other suggestive name, and add your toppings. Then duplicate the addon group and rename it "Second half toppings".

At the end, assign the two groups (drag&drop) to categories, dishes or sizes.

Another way to achieve this is to have the first half of the pizza already preset and only let clients choose custom toppings for the second half, like this: 



Another case may be this: use “halves” of pizza items that are also sold as full pizza in the menu (therefore there are descriptions available in the menu).

To set this up, first create a menu dish with the price 0, then create two (or more) choice groups in which you define the halves of the pizza and their respective prices.

See this example with quarters:



Hide or schedule dishes or categories

If certain dishes are not available for online ordering at the moment, the restaurant account holder may decide to hide them from the menu with two clicks.

Hover over the respective dish (or category) to reveal the extra editing options, like this: 



The same option is available for entire menu categories: 


The restaurant may hide some items that are not available for the time being, or it may also decide to only show some items during certain days or intervals (for example, the special dishes for breakfast or lunch).

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