A restaurant's must-have list for 2021

1) Online ordering menu on customers’ mobile devices.

    • ►No physical contact with people or menus.
    • ►Customers can view the menu (QR code)
      • Dine-in
      • Order for later that day, or plan days ahead!
    • ►Loyal customers can safe & easy order & re-order:
      • Takeaway.   Given time to collect food!
      • Delivery.      Given a delivery time at home!

2) Table Reservation System:

  • Simplify the Table Reservation Process to Fill Empty Seats.
    • Sell your food in advance with “Table Reservation” + “Order Ahead”.
    • Take unlimited online restaurant bookings.


  • With our integrated “Table Reservation” + “Order ahead” features:
    • your guests can now book a table &
    • order food in advance.


  • Reduced waiting time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Know exactly how many guests to expect.
  • Gain repeat business.
  • Grow your sales.

Higher profits you’ll make $$$ before your client comes through the door.



Easily take food orders from your website.

Place these buttons on your website and receive orders today


Table Reservation

Online orders average 30% higher amounts

and faster than ordering from the staff…

with no MISTAKES!


Don’t have a Website?  No problem!



With the online ordering system we will generate your own custom Sales Optimized Website.

* Pictures * online ordering * SEO ortimized * Responsive




Online BROWSER ordering system or mobile app

Order App

We can generate your own branded mobile app.


Your customers easily add their Food Order to the system shopping Cart.

They check out by using the Online Payment System or pay with Cash.

Order Easy!


How you get the orders


You receive and confirm orders from your smartphone or tablet in “REALTIME”

When an order is placed from your the website, Facebook or mobile app, you get an instantly order notification to your APP.


Accept or Quary the order and give an estimated time to prepare.

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