Promotions and campaigns - overview

Promotions (promo engine)  7 templates:

  1. % discount on cart
  2. % discount on selected items
  3. Free delivery
  4. Buy one, get one free
  5. Fixed discount amount on cart
  6. Payment method reward
  7. Get a FREE item

Advanced (advanced promo) offers 6 additional templates:

Information contact Geoff:

  1. Meal bundle
  2. Buy 2, 3, … get one free
  3. Free dish or discounted item as part of a meal
  4. Fixed discount amount on combo deal
  5. % discount on combo deal
  6. Meal bundle with speciality ” 

How to create a promotion:

To create a promotion for your restaurant, go to Admin -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Your promotions. Then, click on “Add promo deal” to create a new promotion.


The “Add promo deal” button takes you to a list where you have to choose the type of promotions you want to offer. Let’s say you want your first promo to be a “% discount on cart”. Click “Next” to start customizing the promotion.

Once you have gone through all the steps of the promo setup, you can go back to Admin -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Your promotions to preview a promotion, enable/disable a promotion, see the number of times it has been used, duplicate or delete it.

For a more detailed analysis of the promotions, you have implemented you can also go to Admin -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Your promotions and check the Stats section. Have the information sorted by different criteria (see the dropdowns on the right) in order to get a full understanding of the results of the promotions.

Kick-starter - What is Kick-starter?

Offer a 1st order discount: Offered ONCE per customer

      10% 1st order Discount Offer 


Advertise this offer on your Website, Menu and Social Media:

  • Attract new customers
  • Bring past customer back
    • With the help of our system using your existing client database
    • importing contacts (e-mails and phone numbers) and inviting them to order online

Autopilot Selling

What is Autopilot Selling?

Autopilot Selling is a service that helps you drive sales and customer loyalty by sending automated messages via e-mail and SMS. It comes with a set of pre-built campaigns that target your clients, based on their purchasing history.

How does it work?

Once you activate the Autopilot service, you can customize and enable your campaigns. As long as Autopilot is active, it segments your clients based on their last order date and a total number of orders. That’s how it knows who your most recent clients are, who ordered most often, and who is slipping away.

Every day, Autopilot watches over the client segments and delivers the appropriate messages:


  1. It sends the “Encourage second order” campaign 7 days after a client placed the first order.
  2. It sends the “Cart abandonment” campaign after 1-2 hours when an order has been started and not completed.
  3. It monitors the clients’ last order date and starts the “Re-engagement” campaign when the client starts slipping away.