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  • Tamera Berry

    Good store and really as it’s name “For Foreigners”.

    The store not too big, have many imported stuffs; cheese, chocolates, pies, snacks.

    The cheese is many varieties with very good price.

    1. Shaun Carr

      Thank you very much

  • Frank Balikok

    Small supermarket located in the Rawai area, in the south of the island.

    Here you will find a wide variety of imported products at a good price. I recommend the cheeses sold here, the cheapest on the island. Frozen products are also very good.

    EnjoyRawai! Enjoy Phuket! Enjoy Thailand!

    1. Shaun Carr

      Thank you very much

  • Stewart Went

    Very impressed. Concise well thought out range and excellent pricing.

    I suspect most of the meat and fish is locally sourced (must be at the prices) but prepared / styled in famous western styles.

    Really only of interest to expats.

    1. Shaun Carr

      Thank you very much

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